Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Ms. Kelo speaks

She's not giving up:
The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled against them, but a group of New London residents are not giving up the fight to save their homes from development. People living in the Fort Trumbull area say the fight has just begun.

Susette Kelo says, "This started out just to be about me."

When Susette Kelo filed her suit against the City of New London she was merely trying to save her home, protect her property from being seized for development by eminent domain. When all this started Kelo was David the city, Goliath. Now Kelo is the face of a cause.

"Every poor person, every minority, every middle class American is in jeopardy of losing their home."

Late last month the U.S. Supreme Court ruled against Kelo, ruled the city could take her home and others in this neighborhood, for development which it says would benefit the entire community. You might think a Supreme Court decision would be the final chapter. But Kelo doesn't think that way.

"We're gonna go to the House of Representatives in Washington, we're gonna legislate in the legislature in the State of Connecticut, we're gonna continue to fight."

In her letter to the editor today, Susette Kelo says when the developers come here, quote, “I will chase them from my property. We will not leave our homes. We have not yet begun to fight.”

"It's pretty tough to do all this work, and continue with your life and work full-time jobs and everything else."

But Kelo won't quit now, won't even think of it. After all, she says this is not about money, it's not about principle, it's about something much more basic.

"I'm just a simple person, just trying to keep their home."

News Channel 8 asked Susette Kelo what she thinks about being the face of cause for people around the nation. She says she never really looked at it that way but she's happy to have the support from all those people, she says that has re-invigorated her as far as fighting her fight.