Thursday, July 07, 2005

Another One Bites the Dust

Bad news from Monrovia:

Despite the pleas of a local landowner, the City Council voted
unanimously to initiate eminent domain proceedings on an auto- shop yard in the city's southeast.

. . .
"This is a very difficult issue for me,' Councilman Dan Kirby said before casting his vote Tuesday . "But I cannot in good conscience let this corner stay as it is, with all those young people living down there, fighting to get ahead just like all the rest of our children do in this town.'

Buller, 67, has owned the corner triple lot at Duarte Road and California Avenue since 1981. The auto yard faces railroad tracks and the crypt at Live Oak Memorial Park. Bougainvillea and bottle-brush trees have overgrown a chain-link fence
that hides the yard from the street.

Buller, who lives in San Dimas, said he turned down three previous offers from the city because he needs the space to
store cars he works on in his spare time. He also has a mechanic and smog-test business as tenants.