Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Testimony about Blight in the Dayton Beach Case

More evidence of an unfair taking:

A former city commissioner took the witness stand Monday to fight the city's effort to seize his business and replace it with new shops, restaurants and condominiums. In testifying against the condemnation of his Boardwalk restaurant, Darrell Hunter disputed the city's declaration of blight -- a necessary step for Daytona Beach to use its power of eminent domain to force the property owners to sell.

"In the over 50 years I've been down there, the only place that was ever any problem was a city-owned property, which was not on the Boardwalk," said Hunter, a sea captain and the name behind Capt. Darrell's Oyster Bar and Restaurant. "It was a park that was behind the Bandshell, not on the Boardwalk."