Tuesday, June 28, 2005

People are Taking Action Against New London

Check out this letter to the editor of New London's local paper:

Letters To The Editor:

New London, in commandeering private property for commercial use and forcing a tragic Supreme Court decision stripping Americans of yet another Constitutional right, has done a fine job of shooting itself in the foot. While abusing eminent domain to promote economic development and tax revenue, New London actually has drawn to itself national shame and notoriety that will have the opposite effect from what it intended.

I, and many other nonresidents I know, will now avoid New London at all costs. In fact, I vow to never set foot in the city again and spend a dime in it. In frequenting the Amtrak station, I would eat and shop at local establishments. No longer.

I gladly will drive to the next Amtrak station to avoid contributing to the sullied city. And gee, I bet there will be all kinds of new residents and new small businesses lining up to establish themselves in a city that might just rip their lives and personal and financial investments out from under them.

Citizens' homes being torn out from them under the vile threat of condemnation if they didn't comply with the city? Lives and families upset and overturned for private, commercial interest? And I am going to frequent and support such a city that values the dollar over humanity?

So long, New London. This fine piece of promotion and economic development coupled with the possibility of the sub base closing should position you squarely as a city in its ugly death throes in the next decade.

Gerald LeBeau