Friday, June 24, 2005

No Hooray for Hollywood

Another sad case. There are thousands just like it:

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. -- A landmark decision by the Supreme Court regarding eminent domain paves the way for local government to take your home or business to make way for private development -- and that's exactly what's happening to a business owner in downtown Hollywood.

For 35 years, the Mach family has been cutting nails and doing nails in their building on the corner of Harrison Street and 19th Avenue.
George Mach and his wife Kaitlin purchased the building in 1971. Their son says the couple not only ran the business, they raised their family there.

David Mach said, "I worked here when I was a kid. I worked the register and met all the old customers."

He says his folks rejected several requests to sell the building over the years, but the latest offer is one the family can't refuse. The city of Hollywood is moving to seize the building through eminent domain, which allows governments to take private property for public use. The city plans to put a $100 million condominium on the site.