Thursday, June 30, 2005

The New Mentality of Cities After Kelo

Some local politicians don't even see anything wrong with what they are doing:

Four developers who have indicated an interest in constructing new housing on a site adjacent to the New Hope Golf Course on Bass Lake Road will be asked to make presentations at a July 18 New Hope City Council work session.

Five, 12-unit buildings comprise the Bass Lake Road Apartments, bounded by Bass Lake Road, Yukon Avenue, 58th Avenue North and the New Hope Golf Course.

New Hope city officials earlier identified the Bass Lake Road Apartments area as a top redevelopment priority.
. . .
Eminent domain probably will be required to acquire the Bass Lake Road Apartments property, Sondrall said.

“We’ve had no discussion at all with the property owner,” Sondrall said.

“Relocation benefits and the whole nine yards will be required. Anytime government acquires property that’s rented, we’re expected to pay relocation benefits.

“As soon as you put an offer in writing, you draw a line in the sand. Everyone who lives there then is entitled to relocation benefits. You can’t summarily go out there and padlock the doors without a judicial process.”

The sad joke is, you can padlock the doors after the judicial process.