Saturday, June 25, 2005

Letters to the New York Times

When was the last time that all the letters to the New York Times agreed with Scalia and Thomas? The response to Kelo is unanimous in the letters section today. Wendy Miller sums things up well:

To the Editor:

Regarding those being evicted, you refer cavalierly to those "who will, in any case, be fully compensated" (editorial, June 24).

How, may I ask, do you fully compensate an 87-year-old woman who is being evicted from the home in which she was born and in which she probably wanted to die?

I wonder if you will feel the same way when the government decides that it needs to evict you from your home with "full compensation."

Having been evicted from rentals because of change of ownership and condo conversions, I once believed that as an owner, I could at last be secure in my own home. Obviously, that is true only until such time as the government decides that it needs my home for the "public good."

Wendy Miller

San Rafael, Calif., June 24, 2005